60% of businesses fail to catch a data breach

Find out if your data is secure

How Are You

Managing Your Risk?

Cybercrime is on the rise across the nation - now more than ever it's important to stay on top of securing your data. Ask us today how secure your data is, and let us help you find better ways to keep your data safe.

The first step to securing your business is understanding your risk! Call us today to find out how at risk your business is, and we’ll help keep you secure in the digital world.


Do you struggle to find important files? With Pacific Cloud, your team can focus on what's important. With our cloud-based architecture our clients can find files they need quickly from anywhere in the world.

In addition to our fully managed services, we offer several in-office repairs and upgrades, allowing you to maintain maximum efficiency and safety while at work. From Storage Upgrades to full-blown component replacements, we make every effort to make your PC work as hard as you do.

Our Promise To You!

We know that every day you have to put everything on the line, and that with so much at risk it can seem like hackers have all the advantages. Together we can take the power back. Every day we will earn the right to be the first call you make and the to stand in the front lines protecting your accents during the growing war on cyber security.


What Our

Clients Say

Jewel C.

Technician was great. Went the extra mile to take care of the problems I had with my laptop. Highly recommend this business. Have used them a few times in the past. Service has been great every time.

Christine W.

John did an exceptional job helping my business transition to online sales and delivery. He made getting customer support easier than if I were to attempt on my own. I can't say enough about his company's civic mindedness throughout the Covid crisis and will likely use his services in the future.

Shine & Sparkle

What a great local business! John and his team are fantastic. Whenever I've needed technical assistance etc they are on top of it. They are friendly, and reasonably priced!

VoIP Phones

Unlike landlines, VoIP phones are more portable and accessible, and are very flexible for different work environments.

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Cyber Security

Our clients rely on our advanced cyber security measures, from spam prevention to endpoint protection. 

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Compliance as a Service

We offer digital compliance services, ensuring any compliance needs are met and up-to-date. 

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Managed IT Services

We provide on demand IT services that exceed the accessibility and functionality of an in-house service.

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