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SIEM Services

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) System is a complex hub that analyses all the data passing through your networks, databases, and applications. The SIEM then identifies potential threats as well as rich information about your overall IT security. To be most effective, a SIEM needs to be fully optimized, with the right rules, logic, and checkpoints to correctly identify vulnerabilities. Otherwise, your cybersecurity team may be inundated with false positives or low-priority alerts.

It takes a lot of time and care to optimize a SIEM, and the work is never done. The system requires continual tweaking so that it can produce the most accurate alerts. With Pacific Cloud’s expertise, your SIEM can effectively do its job without overwhelming your staff with lowpriority alerts

Security Engineering

Effective cybersecurity is rarely an out-of-the-box solution. Many tools are challenging to implement, and they need to be configured correctly to achieve your desired results. Security engineering is the practice of designing the underlying architecture for cybersecurity, including automated workflows, benchmarks, performance metrics, etc.

If your tools aren’t configured for your needs or don’t work well together, you could be sending money down the drain without getting the protection you need. Pacific Cloud’s security engineers can develop your IT architecture and use the right tools for the right purposes, ensuring a holistic, top-performing cybersecurity ecosystem

Business Security Policies
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    Ongoing administration and management of all cyber tools / services

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    Breach Incident Response Plan

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    Bring Your Own Device Policies

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    Data Loss Policies

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    Data Retention Policies

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    Cloud Application Acceptable Use

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    Password Policies

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    General Security Policies & Procedures

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    And more.....

Security Operations

When a cyberattack comes through, you need a team of qualified professionals to mitigate the threat and recover any lost data or connectivity. A good cybersecurity plan involves predetermined protocols to respond to and recover from an attack. Pacific Cloud provides expert cybersecurity intervention and response, so you can minimize the loss of productivity, data, and/or revenue

Sustainment Services

Your IT infrastructure requires maintenance, from security updates and patches to health checks to backups to data migrations. These tasks are highly time-consuming yet need to be done regularly. Pacific Cloud’s sustainment team can develop a maintenance schedule, perform the required tasks, and ensure that all your systems, networks, and tools are working together in an optimized IT environment.

Managed Security Services

If your team is small and/or occupied with other tasks, as they usually are, outsourcing your security operations can help prevent burnout and improve productivity. A Managed Security Services provider such as Pacific Cloud can configure automated workflows to respond to threats, intervene and recover as necessary, and perform all proactive security tasks and procedures. This allows your in-house team to focus on higher-value projects.

8 Layers of

Advanced Email Security

Emails are a primary vector for cyberattacks because they can be sent from anywhere and can easily carry viruses or malicious links. All security infrastructures should include scanning, sender verification, backup, and advanced spam detection.

Unified Threat Management

Now that remote work is so common, it’s important to protect all your staff with a firewall. Unified Threat Management screens all web traffic with a cloud-based firewall, so you can extend your cybersecurity measures to remote workers.

Physical Network Security

A single network leaves your business open to vulnerabilities or improper user access or activities. By dividing networks into various access points and protocols, Pacific Cloud can ensure that only the people who need to log onto a particular network can do so. This also makes traffic easier to monitor.

Endpoint Protection

In addition to advanced web filtering to minimize access to malicious websites, endpoint protection ensures that all users are conforming to your cybersecurity policies. This includes certain website restrictions, requiring specific apps and procedures, and properly configured user environments. 

Cybersecurity Training and Phishing Awareness

Even the best cybersecurity systems can’t prevent users from clicking on malicious links, especially if the link is sent through social engineering. That’s why educating all staff on how to identify suspicious content is crucial to a full cybersecurity program.

Web Hosting and DNS Management

Reliable web hosting and proper configurations for each website’s server are both essential to productivity, as well as cybersecurity. If improperly set up, this could make your business vulnerable to cyberattacks. You may also experience performance issues for both internal and external sites. Protect both with Pacific Cloud.

Dark Web Monitoring

By screening for cyber threats from the Dark Web, advanced monitoring can prevent malware that may be untraceable yet crippling, such as ransomware

Backup and Restore

If a cyberattack is successful, a drive fails, or another IT disaster occurs, it’s important to restore from a reliable backup as quickly as possible in order to minimize loss of productivity and data.