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Our Story

In 2014 Technical Genius Solutions a small break-fix repair shop intending to provide affordable computer repairs throughout the Willamette Valley. After seven years of service, Technical Genius Solutions had become a cornerstone in the community. In order to better serve our community, Technical Genius Solutions rebranded as Pacific Cloud IT, INC. As a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), we proactively solve technical issues, prevent breaches, and provide support for many of your technical needs. We believe that our client’s growth is essential to our success, and we believe preventative maintenance and staying on-top of security threats is critical to helping our clients thrive. With a keen understanding of how tech solutions affect the bottom line, Pacific Cloud brings IT services to a whole new level for our clients. We help businesses reach their top potential by utilizing our time-tested and strategic approach to IT support.

Our Mission

Pacific Cloud IT is committed to providing the best cyber security and IT support for companies that recognize technology is key to their success. Our goal is to be recognized as a world-wide leader in delivering cyber-security protection to businesses with under 500 employees.

Pacific Cloud IT believes in technology and automation. We offer a refined solution based on industry best practices and backed with a deep commitment to quality. We do what we say we will do. We recognize that cyber-attacks are devastating to any company that isn’t properly prepared. We understand the stress that business owners feel, and accept our responsibility to guide business owners towards understand that our vision and communication skills are as important as our technical process when engaging with our clients.

Our Values

With PCIT, you can always expect:
  • When a Day Zero exploit was discovered in Windows 10, we immediately rolled out a security script before any issues arose with our clients’ team.
  • As soon as a problem arises on one of our managed machines, we are immediately notified, allowing us to resolve the issue without interrupting your valuable work time.