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Why Your Manufacturing Operation Needs a Managed Service Provider

Manufacturing operations are systems-based, and having an experienced managed service provider (MSP) oversee your networks and cybersecurity is irreplaceable. The unique challenges manufacturing operations face to keep systems up and running warrants an MSP with manufacturing experience. MSPs improve cybersecurity, productivity, efficiency, helps with compliance, and are cost-effective. They can implement the technologies that will help you improve the efficiency of your employees and ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is streamlined and protected. It’s something no business should be without.

Here is why you need an MSP for your manufacturing business:


Improved Networks

Manufacturing operations don’t need network outages or interruptions. These types of issues cause downtime and interfere with production. An MSP can help you design an efficient network that will work effortlessly for your team and allow all teams to work together seamlessly. Measures can be put in place to avoid faulty interruptions that cause downtime and low productivity.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity is the bottom line for your business. It’s why it exists. Anything you can do to make that as efficient as possible is what you go for. The improved networks will ensure efficiency because it will entail a plan that will allow your shop floor, vendors, and administrative teams to collaborate better. When things in production are moving seamlessly, it allows more time for focusing on business initiatives and future goals for the company. Overall, this is better production and more efficient working and planning for your business.

24/7 Monitoring

The world no longer operates on a 9 to 5 schedule. Things are happening every hour of the day. And hackers don’t sleep. An MSP can guarantee 24/7 monitoring with the best networking monitoring tools. With constant monitoring of your operations, you can rest assured that help is always available, regardless of the day or time of day.

Improved CyberSecurity

Some of the most common cybersecurity risks include email phishing, spam, identify theft and ransomware attacks. Data breaches happen all the time. And they can have a devastating impact on the productivity of your business. Many manufacturers rely on old software because they don’t see themselves as a target for scams. But this makes the industry more vulnerable to threats. The use of outdated equipment makes it easier for anyone to attack. Chances are it does not have modern security protection. You need to update immediately. An experienced MSP can protect your legacy systems by updating them with appropriate security and install new tools as needed. They can detect suspicious activity and respond quickly to any cyberattacks. 

Maintain Compliance

You most likely have compliance standards you have to adhere to. No worries. An experienced MSP will already know what they are. Whether it’s HIPAA, EU, or GDPR, an MSP will end the guessing game and ensure that your business meets the standards. You will always know your company is compliant.

Comprehensive Reporting

An MSP will also benefit you by providing comprehensive reviews of your IT infrastructure. That is real-time reporting, and it helps you track all business activity. Your company can track key performance indicators that help determine if your IT infrastructure is operating as it should.


Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

Cyber attacksaren’t the only thing that could jeopardize your business. Natural disasters do happen. That’s why backup and disaster recovery are now necessary for every business.

Disaster recovery protects your business from all types of negative events that are beyond your control like, cyber-attacks, equipment failures, and natural disasters. It’s also important to have a disaster recovery plan to minimize the risk by laying out what needs to be done to get production up and running again.

It’s always good to have your important data on a separate server to keep it safe from harm. Data backup makes it much easier to resume the flow of everyday business regardless of what happens.

MSP can help with all of this to keep your business up and running during any negative event.


At the end of the day, having an experienced MSP is a lot more cost-effective than suffering through a cyber attack, natural disaster, IT maintenance, and systems failure that affect production. That, in turn, turns into a loss of revenue. MSP can help to save money and maximize your resources. It makes for a more effective, efficient, and streamlined company with limited vulnerabilities.

Qualities to Look for in an MSP
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    Proven Experience - Take the time to ask questions about your MSP. They should also be able to answer questions and make recommendations in the best interest of your company.

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    Speedy Solutions - A halt in your operations can be costly, and a good MSP knows this. For this reason, they don’t sit on solutions. They are ready and eager to get you back up and running quickly.

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    Industry Expert - Look for an MSP that has experience in your industry. That will make them even better able to deal with whatever situation comes along. Their track record should show they know exactly how to deal with your specific issue.

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    Proactive Approach - A good MSP will put the appropriate systems in place before something goes wrong, not after. They’ll come in with a plan to streamline and make operations more efficient. They’ll use the proper tools like agents and firewalls to protect and monitor your network.

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    Available All Day, Every Day - IT issues don’t wait for a certain time of day to happen. When they do happen, you want your MSP to be available to handle it. That may mean having to work remotely at first, but will quickly do what’s needed to ensure a technician is onsite to handle the issue.

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    Partnership Relationship - When you’re in business with an MSP, you’re in partnership together, which fosters a win-win mentality for both parties. The success of your business is just as important to them as it is to you, so they’ll do everything within their power to have your back and get it right.


Managing a workforce dependant on so many different variables can be costly and time-consuming. You want to stay competitive. But at the same time you need to ensure the most efficient and streamlined practices are in place, the infrastructure is good, and the equipment is modernly sound and effective for your operations. MSP is the best way to go to ensure all of these needs are met. They have the tools and knowledge you need to address all of the dynamics of your business.